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Thursday, January 28, 2010

November 1984 Sikh Genocide Conference Montreal

November 1984 Sikh Genocide – Justice Conference”

On 16th Jan, 2010, Justice Conference at Montreal

Sikhs for Justice, a US based Human Rights Advocacy Group with the support of Guru Nanak Darbar, Lasalle; Guru Nanak Darbar, Parc Extension; Gurudwara Sahib Greater Montreal of D.D.O. and Gurudwara Sahib, Quebec is organising a Justice Conference on 16th Jan, 2010 Saturday, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at 419 street Roch, Parc Extension Quebec, Montreal, Canada to commemorate 25 years of November 1984 massacre of Sikhs and to remind the world about the continued denial of Justice to the victims and the survivors of November 1984 Sikh Genocide.

During November 1984, more than 30,000 Sikhs were massacred, Hundreds of Sikh women gang raped, more than 300, 000 Sikhs displaced and rendered homeless, Hundreds of Gurudwaras and Guru Granth Sahibs burnt and desecrated in 18 states and more than 110 cities of India in an organized, well coordinated, systematic, planned and precisely targeted operations. Justice Conference is an effort to get justice to victims of November 1984 Sikh Genocide and to recognize the massacre of Sikhs in November 1984 as “Genocide”.

SIKHS FOR JUSTICE, a US based human advocacy is striving to disseminate true and correct information, statistics, figures and data regarding the Genocide of Sikhs in November 1984 to the international community and to create considerate public opinion and is mobilizing Human Rights Groups, International Community and Governments on a common platform.

Honorable Canadian Member Parliaments Mr. Andrew Kania, from Brampton West, ON; Mme. Raymonde Folco from Laval--Les Îles, QC; Ms. Lise Zarac, from LaSalle—Émard, QC; Mr Gerry Sklavounos, from Laurier-Dorion,QC and Mr. Marc Garneau, from Westmount--Ville-Marie, QC will join the Sikh Community to commemorate and highlight the denial of injustice to the victims of the massacre. Human rights activist and Professor Ms. Indira Prahst from Langara College, who has worked on several Sikh issues, will also be attending the Justice Conference. Jasbir Singh, who is the eye-witness against Jagdish Tytler’s involvement in November 1984 massacre of Sikhs, will attend the Justice Conference and will share his eye-witness account with the community.

In the Justice Conference, a documentary showing the eye–witness accounts of the victims and witnesses and a documentary “Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji – Reduced to Ashes” which gives the details of the Gurdwara Sahibs burnt and desecrated during November 1984 Sikh Genocide will be shown.

Gurpatwant S Pannun, who is the Legal Advisor of Sikhs for Justice said that to get justice for the victims of the massacre and to get justice to victims, Sikhs for Justice will approach United Nations with all the facts regarding massacre of Sikhs in November 1984. Along with this, Sikhs for Justice is preparing a documentary of all the details of the massacre of Sikhs in November 1984 in 18 states and 110 cities across India, which will include the statement of witnesses, victims and family members of the victims.

Issued by: Gurpatwant S Pannun, Legal Advisor of Sikhs for Justice; Quebec, Canada’s coordinators of Sikhs for Justice - Surjit Singh (Bhaoo)( 514.977.8624),Hardeep Singh Dhillion(514.364.3644) ,Chattar Singh Saini (514.808.9365), Prabh Sarwan Singh(347.880.2376), Jaswinder Singh (514.772.1413), Surjit Singh (514-927-0899) , Buta Singh Sohal (514.893.1082), Daljit Singh (514.963.4602), Balraj Singh Dhillion(514.519.2151), Narinder S. Minhas (514.820.7266), Hardeep Singh Ghuman (514.337.7590), Kewal Singh(514.683.4686), Surjit Singh Pahwa(450.926.8770), Gurminder Singh Kohli (514.295.4061), Prithpal Singh Saluja (450.926.9534)

Children from the Lasalle & D.D.O.Gurdwaras participated in singing: DEH SHIVA, and the Canadian National Anthem.

Lasalle Students

D.D.O. Students

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Montreal Sikhs Hold a Conference on Sikh Genocide in India Pogroms in Nov. 1984

World history testifies, genocidal onslaughts have many a times hexed entire communities of an ethnicity in cold blood. Surely, the international community then stands obliged to precipitate action to force the executors and operatives face justice.

Amnesty International has soldierly joined Sikhs to say "those found guilty of SIKH Massacre of 1984, should be punished".Pope John Paul 11 rightly remarked once that even if one individual is done with in pogroms intent, a preempt genocide is deemed to have been committed.

Therefore, to remind the world in general and the governments of Canada, America, Europe in particular about the continued denial of justice to the victims and survivors of Nov. 1984 Sikh Massacre of more than 30,000 Sikh men, women and children, major Sikh organizations of the province of Quebec (Gurdwaras Guru Nanak Darbar In., Greater Montreal Inc., St-Roche and G. Quebec Inc) will jointly hold a commemoration in association with 'Sikhs For Justice' on Jan. 16, 2010 at 419 St. Roche, Park Extension, Montreal, Qc. between 1300hr and 1600hr.

The undersigned is privileged to extend greetings to all, on behalf of Sikh Community for a joyous New Year, while requesting participation and press coverage of the above commemoration, also at the same time sharing views of the audience; Sikh Community will appreciate.

Chattar Singh SainiFor info. call 514 808 9365

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